Megan and Langston | A Colorful Wedding at Rustic Ridge

The day was perfect, the sun shone the confetti flew and the guests partied all night long! Megan and Lanston planned the best way to celebrate their love. Their ceremony was so musical and beautiful. Before the ceremony Megan got a little surprise! Her grandmother who has not been able to leave her home in two years broke out to come to her wedding! It was the best surprise for her and such a sweet moment.

I love the dresses chosen to accent Megan’s dress and the florals were breathtaking! I really love the fact that Megan chose so many colors for her big day. It says so much about the both of them, and so does that fact that so many people traveled so far to come celebrate them. All the way from Texas!

I could not be more happy for the two of them and wish them a lifetime of pure bliss!