My top ten tips to ensure a successful newborn session

1.) Contact me within 48 hours of the babies birth to set a date for your session! (This is crucial to ensure we schedule within the 14 day window needed for the squishy poses)

2.) Keep the baby awake by interacting with him or her for 1-2 hours before we are scheduled to start the session. This will ensure they are super sleep for their session. You can also give baby a bath before hand to help keep them awake.

3.) Please dress baby in comfortable loose fitting clothes that either button up or zip to avoid disturbing them while I take them out of their carrier and get them ready to start. This will also prevent marks on the babies skin.

4.) Bring a soothie pacifier, it is a lifesaver for soothing and transitioning poses. It helps to distract them while I work on getting them into poses and making sure their little fingers are perfect (Even if baby won't take it from you PLEASE bring one! I promise they will NOT get nipple confusion during the short time they will be using it. I do have extras in the studio if you don't have one at home. They are brand new and you are welcome to bring it home with you if you decide you want to.)

5.) Bring a bottle. If you're nursing I fully understand however, pumping and providing a bottle is a huge help. A bottle will allow them to eat quicker and easier then nursing (Of course this is NOT mandatory it's simply a suggestion)

6.) Dress in layers. The studio is kept at 80 degrees for babies comfort while they are nude. It is also a good idea to bring extra clothing for yourself in case there are any....accidents ;)

7.) Feel free to bring your iPad, a magazine, or your favorite book to enjoy while I work with your baby! Sessions can take up to 4 hours so having something to do during that time will help.

8.) You are welcome to bring anything from home that you want used. Make sure to let me know before we start so I can plan out how I want to work your items into your session.

9.) If we are including siblings in your session I ask that we start with those shots then Dad, Grandma or someone else take the kids home or to the park. 4 hours is a long time for a toddler and keeping the studio quite will help keep baby sleeping.

10.) Sit back and relax while I create artwork for your home!


*The address for the studio is 769 Kingsway St Alliance Ohio. It is the only blue house on the block and the studio entrance is around the back. My cell phone if you need it is 330.235.4596