Kara & Chris | Varian Orchards East Canton Ohio

Kara and Chris are two of the sweetest, cutest and adoring people I've ever met. This is going to a looong blog post because I wanted to share every. single. image. from their whole wedding!  It was a breath taking day. Varian Orchards is always a favorite venue to work at. 

Kara and Chris opted for a first look, but they also decided to read each other their vows before the ceremony and OMG! one of the most sentimental and gorgeous things I've ever witnessed. They also took dirt from both of their homesteads and combined them in the foundation for a small tree that will represent them becoming one... such a neat idea. 

Instead of a cake they had donuts from Peace Love and Little Donuts (if you haven't have them, you need to!!) the guest were practically drooling waiting for them, the aroma in the tent was over whelming, so so good! Enjoy this over share from this perfect day!