My first Birthing session...

When Zoey first asked me to photograph her birth I was not quite sure if it was a good time to make that kind of commitment. Photographing a birth has been on my photography bucket list for a while now. Its something I have always wanted to try. But having two kids in grade school proved to be problematic but with my husband, my sister and my mom on board and ready to be able to watch the boys at a moments notice I couldn't say yes fast enough! As Zoey's due date grew closer I started feeling anxious, nervous, excited, overwhelmed just to name a few. My one labor lasted about 2 hours and Orrville is about 45 minutes from me so missing the birth was a big concern for me.

March 1st Zoey calls me and tells me to meet her at the hospital! I get there as soon as I can and the Dr tells her shes at 2 centimeters after a couple hours of no progression she is sent home. I started by texting her every few hours asking if there was any progress... nothing. My texts over the next week went from every few hours to twice a day then once a day then every other day. I remember Zoey telling me this baby was never gonna come and how uncomfortable she was still having contractions every 5 minutes but not really getting anywhere.....


One bright side to Talia deciding to stay in mommy's belly just a little longer is we were able to sneak in some last minute maternity images!

Finally on March 11th after TEN days of contractions Zoey calls me and tells me she is heading to the hospital. She says she is gonna call me when they check her and they she will let me know if I should come or not. But about halfway to the hospital she called me back to let me now shes certain this is it and I should leave. I leave at 7pm and about halfway to the hospital I get another phone call, its Zoey's husband Jonny he asked me how far away I was and tells me to hurry! I got to the hospital a little before 8pm and I can already see Zoey in the tub and was very obviously uncomfortable. They turn down the lights and whisper encouraging things to her while she contracts and tries to get comfortable....

Less then an hour goes by before she is pushing, and before you know it at 8:28pm you can see a dark head of hair followed by 6lbs and 1 oz of perfection!

I came back the next morning to document Zaria meeting her new baby sister for the first time. I have NEVER see a sibling as young as Zaria love her new baby sister so much. She wanted nothing but to hold her baby sing to her and rock her while giving her snuggles and kisses. It was the cutest thing EVER!


When I first agreed to do Zoey's birth it was going to be a one time thing, Just something I just wanted to try but after experiencing this incredible magical moment I defiantly feel the need to do more.... <3

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