A little bit about me, that’s tough so here is a lot about me… I’m shy at first, motivated, loud and emotional. I talk too much. I’m addicted to Facebook and Instagram (jenniferlmadden). I sing way too loud and poorly in the car which embarrasses my kids much to my delight! I have a horrible memory so I am constantly making lists and writing notes on my hand. I am probably the world’s worst speller. I love scary movies but can only watch them through my fingers. I love being a mom to my two wonderful boys. Ryan, my baby is 10 and is in 4st grade and Logan is 12 and is in 7th I also love Fall and Spring pretty much any season that's not winter! I enjoy sleeping in (which I don't get to do much anymore). I have two adorable boxer puppies named Bokeh and Evey and a border collie names Riley.  I am married to my best friend who supports me and my dreams 100% I don't know what I would do with out him. And I am extremely grateful for everything I have and know I am a very lucky girl .

I also LOVE photography, I love creating art for brides and grooms and snuggling newborns all day. I am so lucky to meet so many awesome families and to watch my littlest clients grow and become the coolest little people. I also enjoy acting like a goof ball in order to get a 2 year old to smile. I love my job and feel lucky that I get to do what I love every day. That pretty much sums me up but I am an open book so if you have any questions feel free to email me.

Photo courtesy of Sarae Dudek

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Jennifer's studio is located in Alliance, Ohio. Its was built and geared towards photographing newborn babies, toddlers and small children. Because her studio is small and meant for smaller models any couples and large families must be shot outdoors. She is also an on location photographer, meaning she comes to where you would like your session to take place. This can be your home, local park...the possibilities are endless!

Jennifer's style of photography has been described as classic, fresh and passionate - modern posing mixed with vintage processing. Her images have a light and airy feel and sessions are laid back and fun. You'll walk away from your session remembering it as a fun-filled experience, unlike the stressful and rushed, studio-chain experience. Jennifer lets the child(ren) set the pace for the session and snack/play breaks are taken when needed to keep the little ones happy.

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